Oda Confirms GEAR 5 Luffy Vs Kaido?!


Kaido is renowned as the “Strongest Creature in the World”. Notably, he has a bounty of 4,611,100,000 Berries, which is the highest of any pirate currently alive, surpassed only by the bounties of the late Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger.


Kaido attempted to take Whitebeard’s life, something few would dare, and subsequently clashed with Shanks. When Gecko Moria was in his prime, Kaido fought him and emerged victorious, having killed his entire crew.


He also clashed with Big Mom continuously for one to three days, and emerged without any injuries.
While the Red Scabbards were able to accomplish the rare feat of drawing blood from him with their swords and attacks, these wounds were shown to have very little effect on him. Kaido himself stated that the injuries were still shallow in comparison to when Oden inflicted him with a massive scar.


Kaido has a very strong will, as shown when he was completely unaffected by Luffy’s Haoshoku Haki. He also possesses nigh indestructible durability, even without using Busoshoku Haki.

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This durability has given Kaido the reputation of being unable to die. He has been caught and tortured 18 times, and people as powerful as the Marines and other Yonko have attempted to execute him 40 times only to fail as Kaido survived every single attempt because every single execution weapon broke when being used on him.

In one of the interviews, Oda said that he doesn’t know how Luffy should win because Kaido is incredibily powerful: “When Kaido appeared for the first time, I said that Luffy can’t defeat such a strong character yet. And I’m yet to know how Luffy would defeat Kaido. Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaido is just because Luffy’s punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow.”

In the recent SBS Volume 98 Oda hinted at the appearance of Gear 5th to defeat the most powerful creature in the world!


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Oda: Very well. Seeing the passion in your handwriting, I feel obligated to include this question as I received it. Will “Five” be a thing…? Right now, the enemy we have to defeat is the man said to essentially be the world’s strongest. Because of that, the world is in the age of transitioning from “4G” to “5G”.”G” means “gear”, right?

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