Height and Favorite Food of Kozuki Oden and his Red Scabbards

D: Oda-sensei!! Boss Kyoshiro is really cool, isn’t he?!! I love him!! I want a figurine of him!! The fact that you made such a character in such a world makes me glad to have been born. Please tell me the Boss’s height and favorite food!! P.N. Majo

Oda: Kyoshiro! You really get it, don’t you~? I also feel like I gave it my all in designing him!!

I received several questions regarding the Nine Red Scabbards, so you can have everybody’s heights and favorite foods.

While we’re at it, I included Shinobu and Izo as well.

Kozuki Oden

  • 382 cm
  • All types of oden


  • 295 cm
  • Daikon


  • 347 cm
  • Cabbage rolls


  • 311 cm
  • Gobo-maki


  • 306 cm
  • Beef tendon


  • 287 cm
  • Shirataki

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