In One Piece, do Devil Fruit Users bathe?

Question: Odacchi! Here’s a question for you! Crocodile can’t fight water because he’s “sand,” right? Then how does he bathe?! Does he at all?! That’s filthy!! Do you bathe, Odacchi? by Crocodile’s Mother

Oda: First of all, let’s discuss the problem of Devil Fruit users bathing themselves. People who have eaten a Devil Fruit are “hated” by the sea, and cannot swim.

The “sea” here can refer to anything from rivers, pools and baths to any kind of standing water. On a worldwide level, they are all the “sea.” When these people enter the water, not only can they not use their powers, they have trouble moving their bodies at all. They might be able to struggle a bit, but it wouldn’t do much good. That’s if their entire bodies are submerged in the “sea.” With less than half the body or just the limbs, it gets easier. Also, rain and dripping water have no effect at all. Therefore, hip baths or showers are the most common choice.

Now, in Crocodile’s case, “water” is the weakness of his very powers, so his abilities are robbed even in the shower. But it’s not like there are enemies around when you take a shower, so I’d bet he would take them even with his powers being blocked. Don’t you think? —And to answer your final question, about myself bathing. As it happens, I do bathe. Twice! In a year!

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