Why almost every High Ranking Marine has a Devil Fruit

This is a simple theory which I believe most people who ever wondered about the subject would have figured out.
Why does it seem like every High Ranking Marine has a Devil Fruit?

I believe this points to the theory that the World Government has a vault with Devil Fruits in it.

Whenever a Marine proves themselves and does something that helps the Marines as a whole greatly such as maybe arresting or killing a large number of pirates either over their career or in one battle, or saving the life of someone important they are given a promotion and a Devil Fruit.

This is why Marines have Devil Fruit powers, especially the Admirals.

This is further proven by CP9 when 2 members of the group were given Devil Fruits as rewards for their work.

There are a few exceptions like Monkey D. Garp but I would say that is, more or less, just them refusing it.

*Theory by Sniper king ussop

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