4 Devil Fruit Powers that Ryokugyu Might Possess


#3 – Cherubim

The best comes last, the human fruits.
The third one is the Cherubim.


A cherub is one of the unearthly beings who directly attend to God according to Abrahamic religions. The numerous depictions of cherubim assign to them many different roles; their original duty having been the protection of the Garden of Eden.
In the Book of Ezekiel and (at least some) Christian icons, the cherub is depicted as having two pairs of wings, and four faces: that of a lion (representative of all wild animals ), an ox(domestic animals ), a human (humanity), and an eagle(birds).Their legs were straight, the soles of their feet like the hooves of a bull, gleaming like polished brass.


1. Ability to go forward through time.

2. Ability to trap anything into iterative time stream.

3. Ability to rewind time and all the proceedings. This in turn gives a few more capabilities.

Physical Restoration: Restore damaged objects and life forms.

Resurrection: Bring back someone from death.

Temporal Healing: Heal any life form.

Temporal Reload: Save the current moment and reset time to that point.

Temporal Restart: Bend time to restart it from another point in the past.

4. Ability to move through time.

Remote Time Travel: Make someone else move through time without physically travelling with him.

5. Ability to predict the outcomes and choices one would make.

6. Ability to control the age of all the living and non-living things.

Age Transferal: Transfer age from one person to another.

Time Theft: Steal time from others.

Disintegration: Destroy objects into pieces.

Semi-Immortality: Prevent someone from aging.

Decelerated Aging: Make someone age slower than the normal rate.

7. Ability to let others see their future course of events if they made a particular choice.

8. Ability to see past, present and future events.

9.Ability to move objects across different time streams.

10.Ability to manipulate time phases.

11.Ability to compress time. 


We know already someone with similar abilities: Lady Toki


Maybe Ryokugyū has her devil fruit now.
If Ryokugyū’s powers have something to do with time it would explain why he can survive three years without food.


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