The Secret of Kaido’s Devil Fruit


In Chapter 1007, CP-0 began a self-aware non-sequitur about the lineage factor/bloodline elements that was extracted from Kaido and relief at the “failed” Devil Fruit Vegapunk had made.


This leads me to a previous theory that the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu or Fish Fish Azure Dragon could be the Ancient Weapon Uranus. Let’s look at some possible hints:

  • Kaido first obtained this Devil Fruit from Big Mom at God’s Valley.
  • At some point, during Kaido’s numerous captures by the Marines, Vegapunk extracted Kaidos’s lineage factor/bloodline elements and “attempted but failed” to recreate the Uo Uo no Mi.
  • Vegapunk’s reasoning for not giving the Devil Fruit to World Government is because he was unhappy with the results. I interpret the results as Vegapunk realizing the fruit’s true potential is linked through lineage factor/bloodline elements.
  • Still, the fruit was considered dangerous enough to keep locked up in a facility like Punk Hazard.
  • Momonosuke was able to transform into the Dragon form and fly using the flame clouds Kaido used to levitate Onigashima. Albeit, Momonosuke transformation is unstable, often as an emotional response.
  • Momonosuke’s dragon form contradicts the fruit’s name: “Azure Dragon”; being bubblegum instead.
  • Momonosuke has (yet?) to display a Fish Fish form.
  • Momonosuke is currently the only known person to be able to command Zunisha and the only known person Zunisha directly addresses.

It’s no coincidence Oda deliberately mentioned both the concepts of devil fruits and lineage factor/bloodline elements in the same conversation at the same time Momonosuke’s Devil Fruit transformation in 1007. Which leads into the theory that the true nature of the Uo Uo no Mi can only be activated by someone with Royal Lineage, i.e. Momonosuke, future Shogun.

Uranus’ duality nature is reflected in the Devil Fruit’s current presumed abilities, the power of flight and underwater navigation. Additionally, the fruit’s plethora of abilities and elements that surpassed current known Logias can also be an attribution to its Ancient Weapon status. I believe CP-0’s relief due to the “failed” nature of the Devil Fruit could be its Ancient Weapon status and the possibility of being revived.

More speculations about the narrative being driven:

  • Like Akainu stated, they are unsure of Wano’s strengths and Kaido became unreachable once he turned Wano into a fortress and they can no longer recapture/re-execute him like in the past.
  • The World Government, by extension of CP-0, following the confirmation from Vegapunk that the fruit was a failure, believes Kaido cannot fully utilized Uranus because he lacked the lineage factor/bloodline elements.
  • The World Government/CP-0 left Wano alone because in addition to its fortress-like status, they (assumed) Uranus can never be activated/used due to the Kozuki bloodline ending with Oden and presumably Momonosuke.
  • The World Government/CP-0’s underground deal with Kaido serves as a means to obtain weaponry and simultaneously keeps surveillance on Kaido and Wano, in the event Kaido is able to utilize Uranus’ true power.

This next portion is to be contested because it’s all speculations. While CP-0 like knows the existence of the Nine Scabbards and by possible extension Momonosuke via the Mary’s spying on Yamato, they DO NOT know that Momosuke can transform in to a dragon, (YET). I predict that CP-0 will join the fight on Onigashima via KAIDO’s side in order to capture Momonosuke once they see his dragon transformation and believe he is Uranus.

I predict the narrative could be driven in this manner:

  • CP-0/World Government by extension of this action is exposed as business partners of pirates and Orochi. Effectively nullifying Orochi’s hypocritical closed-borders policy.
  • CP-0/World Government placing a target on Momonosuke’s head also changes the people of Wano’s future sentiments towards the World Government and Orochi’s corruptions. In turn, they will aid the Straw Hats/Momonosuke/Alliance in the war to come.

Why lineage factor/bloodline elements is the determining factor here? More contested speculations:

  1. Kaido’s desire to die a glorious death like Whitebeard/Oden is the symptom of the combination of his undying nature and the dishonorable method he took out Oden.
  2. Kaido’s desire of having the strongest pirate crew composed of only Zoan users could be attributed to his Devil Fruit, perhaps having started out as a small fish in a large pond and ascending the waterfalls to being a dragon (symbolically an “Emperor”).
  3. The combination of the above is Kaido understands he can never achieves the true power of Uranus and everything he does in life is to compensate for his short-bringing.
  4. I speculate that Uranus’ true power lies in Momonosuke’s alliance from creatures like Zunisha.
  5. It’s possible that Wano was closed off in the past because the then Shogun/Uranus/Ancient Kingdom Sovereign/Kozuki was a slave of the Celestial Dragon post-war. I suspect Momonosuke can command Zunisha because the previous Shogun/Uranus freed Zunisha (possibly other beasts/animals/Laboons/Kois/Oars) from the Celestial Dragons’ shackles (possibly with Joy Boy’s help), possibly constructed the Poneglyph, then closed off the borders.
  6. Being “architects of the world”, I speculate the Celestial Dragons enslaved Uranus along with specifically animals like Zunisha/Minks/Dinosaurs(?) to construct the Red Line, effectively placing a shackle on the entire world of One Piece similar to the exploding neck/arm brace. The previous Uranus could’ve been forced to levitate Mary Geoise to its current location. In more shitposty fashion, the former Uranus scatter the [seven] -Dragon Balls- Poneglyphs across the world and whoever unites them will be granted the One Wish.
  7. Additionally, the focus of Wano is on Zoans/animals/beasts. If we use w/ the speculation above, I believe Oda is tryin to deliver the message that in addition to the damage Celestial Dragons do to humanlike species, they also do tremendous, extinction level to animal kingdoms.

All of the points above can be combined to speculate Kaido’s inferiority complex and resentment towards Momonosuke for being Oden’s son.

  • Momonosuke is ironically a product of Kaido’s flesh and blood and Yamato is a product of Oden’s will and spirit.
  • It’s possible Kaido wishes he could’ve been Oden’s offspring or the one to carry his will. Instead, much to Kaido’s annoyance, it is the weak and cowardly Momonosuke who is the offspring and his daughter who only wants to be Oden.

*Theory by MsHelvetica

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