Judge turned Sanji and his siblings into Human Artificial Devil Fruits


So we have now official confirmation that Vegapunk used Kaido’s Lineage Factor to create the Dragon Smile Fruit.


We know that Vegapunk and Judge worked together to discover the Lineage Factor, and the Vinsmoke children were modified at birth in getting Devil Fruits like powers.


It’s pretty obvious they’ve each had their Lineage Factors changed to mimic a certain Devil Fruit. Making them into human Artificial Devil Fruits. Now which Devil Fruits did they get…


Sparking Red – Light Fruit
Electric Blue – Lightening Fruit
Stealth Black – Invisbility Fruit
Winch Green – Paramecia Strength Fruit ?
Poison Pink – Poison Fruit

Since Sora’s Drug reacted with Sanji’s Lineage Factor, it could’ve potentially given him something in return of stripping away Judge’s modifications. Which would then be an answer to Sanji’s fire powers.


Which would then come full circle with this specific SBS:

Question: Do all Devil Fruit have that swirly pattern on them?

Oda: That’s right. It’s what distinguishes them from other fruit. Sometimes I wonder if Sanji himself is a Devil Fruit.

As… if Sanji was truly modified, he…along with the rest of the Vinsmoke children would be a human Artificial Devil Fruit. The good kind…not the Caesar kind.

I think this is a highly interesting possibility.

*Theory by Chrono

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