Big Mom and Kaido are literally unbeatable!


On the Skull Dome roof, the five Supernovas try desperately to figure out a way to get the upper hand against the tandem of Kaido and Big Mom. The short scene of the Rooftop was pretty information-dense from a powerscaling perspective.


The 10 minutes has long since concluded. In fact, the Supernovas continued to fiercely fight the Yonko while all the events under the Rooftop were ongoing.


Momonosuke and Shinobu’s dialogue confirms that what we see of the Rooftop battle is what is currently happening, and not a snapshot of the past:


While all the events under the Rooftop were happening, the Supernovas continued to bravely face the two Yonko. This becomes obvious in what we see of this short scene:

  • Kid’s massive robot has been completely destroyed and he’s moved to just using two arms as weaponry;
  • Zoro has ditched Santoryu and has been fighting with just one sword for a while;
  • Luffy also seems to have just run out of another round of Gear 4;

Zoro and Kid’s words in the earlier scene suggest that Hybrid Kaido is substantially more durable than his Dragon form. The first 4 chapters of the Rooftop established that Luffy and Zoro had the arsenal to properly damage Dragon Kaido, but now Kid says that none of their attacks are working, and Zoro questions how they can win against them.

Even Luffy is no better, just stubbornly insisting that they must be feeling it as they are the same humans as them:

Killer’s words further suggest that the battle has been going on for a long time:

All the above events paint the scenario that the Supernovas have been fighting Hybrid Kaido and Big Mom for a long time. Over the duration of the fight, victory has seemed impossible as the Yonko showed themselves to be inhuman monsters.

Big Mom has changed her offensive strategy:

  • For the first time ever, we see her using all three Homies.
  • She’s switched from riding Zeus to riding Prometheus.
  • She now wields Zeus in her right arm.
  • Perhaps she moved away from Prometheus’ fire based attacks because of Zoro neutralising them?

Law suggests they split the two of them up, which Zoro and Kid agree with as Kid says that fighting the two of them is like Hell.

You guys don’t think it makes sense but it does.

With two Yonko side by side they can attack the Supernovas whenever they want. If someone wants to attack Kaido he has to worry about Big Mom. Just look at this:

Killer was literally on top of Kaido hurting him and damaging him until Big Mom used her power to get Killer off of him:

By splitting up the 2 Yonko they would not have to worry about the other one when they are attacking. I seriously don’t even understand why this is a conversation or why people say splitting them up won’t do anything when we already seen multiple times Big Mom taking advantage of a situation which wouldn’t occur if she wasn’t there.

*by Cinera

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