10 Characters That Could Die in Wano!


Marco’s storyline will end in Wano, and that’s why he’s given so much focus and portrayal and why he’s here in the first place despite making us believe that he wouldn’t come. He’s gonna help Luffy and the New Generation to make it through Wano alive and could be the first of the Marineford Trio to die helping Luffy. Marco never used his “healing” in Marineford and the reason why is because Oda introduced it later to let Marco heal the Alliance and save them.


In latest chapter the Oden’s drawing stabbed Ashura through the chest with one of its swords. Ashura briefly laid on the ground while the Oden drawing clashed with Denjiro and spoke on Kanjuro’s behalf, but then the drawing lit some explosives under its garment. Ashura immediately took action and tackled the Oden drawing, sending both of them crashing out of the room, and told his comrades to stop Kanjuro from going after Momonosuke. Ashura maintained his grip on the drawing even as it stabbed him, and the explosives then detonated, engulfing both of them in a massive explosion; Ashura was then shown lying motionless on the ground. Is he dead or is he still alive?


Inuarashi adds another Wano highlight to his respectable list (brushed aside Queen, Sulong destroyed Jack, delivered multiple attacks on Dragon Kaido) taking on Jack who thought he could bully the Scabbards solo. Inuarashi’s got no Sulong, is missing a leg, only got bandage work while Jack may have had Zoan recovery, so he’ll probably go down like Ashura sacrificing himself for the rest.


Kin’emon’s death would be the most shocking out of all 9 Red Scabbards so it’s still up there.


In Chapter 1008 we discover that the “Kozuki Oden” that appears before the Scabbards is a fake drawing created by Kanjuro, who is still alive and inside the Skull Dome.
Kanjuro being alive is an idea many of us subscribed to. And for good reason, Oda never discards his characters without getting the full usage out of them
He’ll likely die in a more climactic way (atleast compared to his plotline and role).

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