Analyzing all the feats of the 5 Supernovas vs Kaido and Big Mom!

In this post, I will try to cover how much each of the 5 Supernovas (Luffy, Zoro, Kidd, Killer, & Law) has contributed to the battle against the 2 Yonkos.

I will separate their feats into 2 categories:

Attack(A): Basically any attack that landed on one of the Yonkos, all attacks will be counted at for the same amount (it impossible to know which attacks have been stronger, so I won’t even try). Successive attacks count as one (example: Kong Gatling).

Support(S): Defend another Supernova or Assist a Supernova in an Attack.


  • A: Red Rock (Kaido) Ch.1000
  • A: Kong Gun (Kaido Ch. 1001
  • A: Kong Rifle (Kaido) Ch. 1002
  • A: Rhino Schneider (Kaido) Ch. 1002
  • S: Rescued Killer from getting eaten by Kaido. Ch.1002
  • A: Kong Gatling (Kaido) Ch. 1002
  • S: Gave a heads up to all the Supernova that Big Mom & Kaido are doing a combo attack. Ch. 1009
  • S: Stalled Kaido long enough, so the Supernova can get rid of Big Mom. Ch.1009


  • S: Cut Big Mom’s attack defending Luffy. Ch. 1001
  • A: Oni Giri (Kaido) Ch. 1001
  • S: Cut Kaido Boro Breath defending Luffy. Ch.1002
  • S: Rescued Luffy from Motherly Fire. Ch. 1003
  • S: Rescued Luffy from getting eaten by Kaido. Ch. 1003
  • A: Dragon Twister (Kaido) Ch. 1003
  • S: Rescued Luffy from Kaido’s Demolition Breath. Ch.1003
  • A: Stalled Big Mom & Hybrid Kaido for 10 min. Ch. 1008
  • S: Saved The Supernova from Ocean Sovereignty. Ch. 1009
  • A: Flame Slice Crosswads of the Six Paths Ch. 1009

Trafalgar Law

  • S: Shambled Luffy from Kaido’s attack. Ch. 1001
  • A: Threw a bunch of Rocks (Kaido) Ch. 1001
  • A: Gamma Knife (Kaido) Ch.1002
  • S: Teleported Zoro to the sky. Ch. 1002
  • A: Counter Shock (Big Mom) Ch. 1003
  • A: Stalled Big Mom & Hybrid Kaido for 10 min. Ch. 1008
  • S: Shambeld the Supernova from Kaido & Big Mom’s Attack Ch. 1009
  • S: Shambeled Zeus from Big Mom Ch. 1009
  • A: Takt Big Mom and Knocked her outside Onigshima Ch. 1009

Eustass Kid

  • A: Punk Vice (Kaido) Ch. 1001
  • A: Gibson Slam (Kaido) Ch.1002
  • A: Stalled Big Mom & Hybrid Kaido for 10 min. Ch. 1008
  • S: Created the Metal Box for Zeus. Ch.1009
  • A: Repealed Big Mom into the Sky. Ch. 1009


  • A: Decapitation Claw (Kaido) Ch. 1001
  • A: Sonic Scythe (Kaido) Ch. 1002
  • A: Stalled Big Mom & Hybrid Kaido for 10 min. Ch. 1008
  • A: Stopped Napoleon Ch. 1009

In Conclusion

  1. Zoro (4 Attacks, 6 Support): IMO Current MVP of the Rooftop
  2. Luffy (5 Attacks, 3 Support): Expecting Luffy to shine more later on during the fight
  3. Law (5 Attacks, 4 Support): Without his plan and his Devil Fruit they would have no chance of getting rid of Big Mom.
  4. Kid (4 Attacks, 1 Support): Finally using ability in smart ways
  5. Killer (4 Attacks, 0 Support): -_-

*Theory by Usidbader12

Chapter 1009 proves that Zoro is considerably stronger than Oden when joined Roger!

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