Shanks’ Origin and the Fate that brings him to Blackbeard

This is a theory about the origin of Shanks, how and why he got on Roger’s ship and why this will be important in the final act of One Piece.

Many have speculated that Shanks is the son of Rocks D. Xebec.

Following are some facts for that matter:

  • Shanks is 39
  • God Valley happened 38 years ago
  • The God Valley incident involved the Celestial Dragons
  • Roger told Garp before his execution that a child doesn’t bear the sins of his parents, to convince Garp to take care of his child
  • After the fight between the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco told Blackbeard that Shanks and Buggy have been part of the Roger Pirates for many years (they were around 13 years old at that time)
  • Roger said in Chapter 966, that it has been a while since he held a baby

The only reasons I can think of, for a pirate crew like the Roger Pirates, to take childs into their crew, are either a promise or to save them from certain death.

Buggy actually found the map to Laugh Tale in Chapter 19!

Mythological Connections between Rayleigh, Roger and Rocks