10 Amazing Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits That May Debut Later On The Series

10 Mythical Zoan Ideas

1. Fairy Fairy Fruit, Model: Druid: Allows the user to transform into a druid and harness the power of nature. This will allow the user to manipulate plants and animals. This devil fruit could be what Admiral Green Bull has but this is just speculation on my part.

2. Lion Lion Fruit, Model: Sphinx: This allows the user to transform into a Sphinx and be able to ask riddles to people. If the person answers incorrectly to the riddle, they are devoured whole. This is similar to Big Mom’s devil fruit in which there are requirements to harvest someone’s lifespan.

3. Bird Bird Fruit, Model: Siren: Allows the user to transform into a bird person and be able to hypnotize people. This is widely believed to be Lafitte’s devil fruit.

4. Human Human Fruit, Model: Thoth: Allows the user to transform into a human with a bird-like head. It will allow the user of the fruit to be omniscient and know both the past and the future.

5. Human Human Fruit, Model: Angel: Allows the user to transform into an angel and harness the power of holy light. It would be similar to Kizaru’s light devil fruit powers but might have special properties to it that the logia counterpart doesn’t have. a cool idea of an awakening of this fruit would be it transforming into an Archangel.

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