10 Amazing Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits That May Debut Later On The Series

6. Bird Bird Fruit, Model: Thunderbird: Allows the user to transform into a thunderbird. It grants the user the ability to control thunder. This lightning could have special properties that the logia counterpart doesn’t have.

7. Deer Deer Fruit, Model: Qirin: Allows the user to transform into a Qilin, a mythological creature that derives from Chinese folklore and is similar in appearance to a Unicorn. It grants the user to coat its fish-scale body in flames, allows the user to breathe lightning as well as create nimbus clouds to walk on.

8. Human Human Fruit, Model: Susanoo: Allows the user to transform into the storm god, Susanoo. It grants the user the ability to create storms and control the weather. This could be what Gol D. Roger had as well as what Monkey D. Dragon’s fruit could be.

9. Dragon Dragon Fruit, Model: Pixiu: Allows the user to transform into a Pixiu, a half-dragon half-lion winged creature. Its body is made out of gold and is statue-like. It will grant the user the ability to control and create Gold, Silver, and Bronze to conjure weapons and anything else.

10. Snake Snake Fruit, Model: Leviathan: Allows the user to transform into Leviathan, the biblical sea-serpent. This will allow the user to manipulate water. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean that the user is able to swim in water or be able to use his powers in water. Although this is true, if the user does get submerged in water, he can still breathe through his gills just like Jack the Drought.

*List by FrostDesigns

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