A Small Detail Missed in Chapter 1011!

Official Viz usually provides excellent translations but in the latest chapter, they made a mistranslation about Kaido’s important line.

In the latest chapter, after Kaido recovers from Luffy’s attacks their conversation goes:

Kaido: “The more precarious the situation, the bigger your smile!! Is that right…?”

But according to @sandman_AP it should be translated like:

Kaido: “The more precarious the situation is, the more you laugh. “And” the more you laugh, you….”

Luffy: “?”

This makes a lot more sense and implies something regarding the Will of D. and them laughing.

Kaido is implying if Luffy (or Will of Ds?) laughs more, “something” will happen. For example, “The more you laugh, the stronger Will of Ds will get”.

Oda is deliberately hiding what Kaido said here. This line is so important that JP fans already enjoy discussing it!


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