Monkey D. Dragon has Gol D. Roger’s Devil Fruit

Whenever Monkey D. Dragon shows up there is something going on with weather/storms so I was thinking if it could be linked to a devil fruit.

That’s when I noticed that in Strong World Episode 0 it is shown how Gol D. Roger escaped from Shiki’s fleet using a storm that wrecked Shiki (as said in the episode: “Gol D. Roger clashed and was spared by a sudden change of weather”)

And later when Gol D. Roger died it was again nice weather when suddenly it started storming (coincidence, I don’t think so) and we saw that Monkey D. Dragon was present at the execution (in his coat looking like he was there for a cause), what if he found a way to get Roger’s devil fruit after he died?

Just adding when Gol D. Roger died, Portgas D. Rouge was looking at the sky like she could tell from the weather something happened to Roger.

Just simple speculation, what do you think?

*Theory by sansactions

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