Reasons why Carrot will be the 11th Straw Hat

  • She’s a Minks and that add to the fact that the Straw Hat crew is a pretty diverse group.
  • She has a dream, and it is to see the world.
  • She has lived a trauma with the rest of the crew with the death of Pedro.
  • In Oden’s flashback, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi behave exactly like Carrot did when she first set sail. They thought the world consisted only of 5 island, an ignorance similar to Carrot’s since she thought it would take half a day to sail to Whole Cake Island. They also stowed away on Whitebeard’s ship, just like how Carrot stowed away on the Sunny. Considering they sailed with the Pirate King, does that mean Carrot will also sail with the Pirate King?

*Theory by Therrester

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