Implicit Meaning of the Treasure “One Piece”

How all of these connect to “One Piece”?

For this we have to see the Japanese meaning of “One Piece”.

For the term “One Piece” what we come across most often is, ワンピース which is literally wan pīsu.

At Marineford, Whitebeard said one piece does exist – “hito-tsunagi daihiho” (ひとつなぎの大秘宝), which means “the great treasure in one piece”.

However, there are two more viable reading which would include Kanji with the hiragana “hito-tsunagi“ (ひとつなぎ), which means – “the one that connects them all.”

And, another one which means “One sea at peace”.

Thus three important meaning to the terms are:

  • The greatest treasure in one piece
  • One sea at peace
  • The one that connects them all


From everything above we can draw an inference that One Piece means bringing everything together into one common fold – One World – A true Globalised World.

It would be a world of all races being together with freedom and equality and with continuity in both temporal (past and the present ang future) and spacial context (one sea).

Oda in an interview said that One Piece is a physical reward.

Whitebeard in Marineford said “One Piece is real”.

Yes, it’s a physical reward because it would usher “A true One World”.

It’s real because Luffy carrying the legacy of generations would be the architect of that World. It’s real because this One World existed in the past – at the time of Ancient Kingdom.

After becoming Pirate King, Luffy will learn the true history and would challenge the World Government to usher One World in entirety.

It’s this task which Roger failed at.

Luffy won’t be just Pirate King or King of the World but would actually be the creator of that One World linking/uniting everything (races, space, past, present and even future) into “One Piece”.

*Theory by Reborn

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