All One Piece Villains Ranked from Least Evil to Most Evil

This is a list of villains (major antagonists only) what I consider least evil to most evil. They must be a main antagonist of an arc to be considered. They are determined by the cruelty of their behavior, as well as redeemable qualities (if any).


Just doing his job


He’s a typical pirate. Selfish, violent, but cares about his crew and is capable of forming alliances with rivals.


Typical pirate with a slightly more cruel edge than Buggy.


He’s ruthless to his enemies for sure, but he’s very protective of his family, has a sense of honor, and is magnanimous in defeat. I was going to put him as least evil but what he did to those chefs was pretty nasty.


He’s what a pirate should be. Lazy, selfish, and ruthless. He cares about his crew and even suffers from the loss of his previous one.


He was a very cruel person but has changed his ways.


He’s a really bad guy but he’s a bit too pathetic and sad for me to rate him highly.

Top 10 Most Emotional Deaths in One Piece

Whitebeard not taking revenge for Oden’s Death makes totally sense!