What makes Gura Gura No Mi the Most Feared Devil Fruit by the World Government


OK it’s fair to say this is one powerful fruit… But is it the devil fruit or the user who makes it infamous? Part of why the Gura Gura no Mi is so far been intimidating is that it was in the world’s strongest man’s hands, and now it is owned by one of the Four Emperors Blackbeard. Had someone like Usopp eaten the fruit, it may have seemed underutilized or weaker… But what if the Gura Gura no Mi had an even stronger user before Blackbeard and Whitebeard?


What if the Gura Gura no Mi falls into the same category as the Ope Ope no Mi or the Yomi Yomi no Mi? Meaning the users prior lifes skills effect the abilities of the consumed fruit. The Ope ope no Mi is best used by a doctor, the Yomi Yomi no Mi is enhanced by Brook’s Musical capabilities..


Wouldn’t it make sense that the Gura Gura no Mi would be stronger in a geologist or better yet a seismologists hands? Before we go further, a quick dumb lesson on earth quakes and what they create…

Earthquakes caused by shifting plate tectonics happen basically three ways, and have 4 separate effects depending on location, and materials involved…


Either the plates rub as they slide causing massive earthquakes.. The plates separate creating a void or chasm like this


If this is done in the ocean it will create whirl pools…
Two plates colliding and one rolling over the other, this in the ocean creates Tsunami

And finally… Two plates colliding and bursting upwards..

this very process formed the Himalayan Mountains

A measly little Range that towers 29,000 feet and spans 1,500 miles…
Kinda reminds me of something in One Piece… Something that the World Government controls and uses, to keep a monopoly on the world, and provides a strategic advantage…thats right I’m talking about the one and only… RED LINE

This was an idea that @Hithere made me think of, when he theorized that One Piece was in fact the destruction of Reverse Mountain, and the connection if All Blue…

But what if the Red Line, the giant world sized equatorial mountain that the World Government controls and uses to house its holy land… The same Red Line used to segregate the four Blues and the Grand Line from each other… Was created by the World Government using a Seismologist and the Gura Gura no Mi?

This would explain why the World Government fears it and labels it works ending not because it can kill all life on this planet, but that it could UNDO the Red Line and free the Oceans from the World Government… Simply put the Gura Gura no mi could end the World Government. What do you think?

*Theory by Portgas D. Xatch

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