Yamato’s Desire to Face Kaido


When the Beasts Pirates try to recruit her to assist them, she states that she’s not on their side anymore. Without remorse, she declares “Let my Father die”:


When Luffy says that he didn’t come to beat Kaido, she questions him:


She had offered her assistance to Luffy under the impression that he came to defeat Kaido, declaring that she will fulfil Oden’s unfinished will to open up Wano:


She expresses worry for Luffy and declares that she wants a chance to beat Kaido as well:


Chapter 1012 was named “Itch”:

Momonosuke comments that Yamato was itching to fight (Kaido):

Yamato inquires about Luffy’s condition. Momonosuke replies that he is weakened but still in good shape. He notifies her that Luffy is facing Kaido by himself. Upon realising that it’s a One vs One, Yamato comments that she must hurry to assist him:


Yamato appears to have multiple reasons for her desire to face Kaido:

  • She wants payback for decades of abuse.
  • She’s disowned him as a Father because he was willing to kill her.
  • She wants to fulfill Oden’s will to open up Wano.
  • She wants to assist Luffy on the Rooftop.

Given the extensive build up for Yamato to face Kaido in combat, I think her battle with Kaido is more or less set in stone.

*Theory by Cinera

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