Onigashima’s Final Matchups!


1-Kaido vs Luffy, Zoro & Yamato

All 3 have inherited the will of Oden, and it would pretty symbolic for the 3 members that inherited Oden’s will to fight Kaido, almost like a rematch.

  • Yamato is already making her way up there.
  • Luffy will obviously get back up and fight Kaido, so I don’t really have to explain much to him.
  • Zoro was unimpressed by his own performance against Kaido, and he and Luffy were the only ones from the Alliance side that dealt significant damage. And since Luffy obviously can’t defeat Kaido by himself, the person that would provide Luffy with the most help against Kaido should probably join him. Also, Zoro didn’t land Flying Dragon Blaze on Kaido, and I find it pretty hard that Oda wouldn’t make Zoro use it again against Kaido.

2-Big Mom vs Kid, Law & Killer

  • Kid is already fighting Big Mom
  • Law is heading towards Big Mom
  • If Killer finishes his fight against Hawkins, I could see him heading towards Big Mom, to help his captain.

3-King & Queen vs Marco & Sanji

  • Both Marco & King are first Yonko Commanders, have the ability to fly, and use fire-based attacks.
  • Queen mentioned Vinsmoke Judge, so I don’t see why Oda would place that in if he doesn’t fight Sanji.
  • I hope that it’s a 2v2, instead of a 1v1, so we could see Sanji and King fight each other.

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