Current Location of All Characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1014)


Here’s a report that details the current position of every current relevant character of One Piece. With the way the plot is heading, it’s nice to get a good reminder as to where everybody is. 


The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

Straw Hat Pirates– At Skull Dome, Wano (which is flying towards Flower Capital)

  • Luffy – Sinking in the depths of Wano sea (Offshore).
  • Zoro – In full-body bandages and carried by Sanji at 2nd floor.
  • Sanji – Last seen at 2nd Floor, going to the Live floor with Kawamatsu, Zoro and Izo.
  • Nami – Running away from Big Mom after Kid’s interception at 2nd floor.
  • Usopp – Fleeing with Nami and Otama.
  • Chopper – Fighting Queen and getting shot by Candy arrow of Perospero at Live floor.
  • Robin – Fighting Black Maria at 3rd floor with Brook.
  • Brook – Fighting Black Maria with Robin.
  • Franky – Fighting Sasaki at 1st Floor.
  • Jinbe – Fighting Who’s Who at 4th Floor.

Heart Pirates

  • Law – Last seen at 2nd floor, going towards Big Mom.
  • Bepo, Shachi and Penguin – In Skull Dome downstairs, fighting Beasts Pirates.
  • Jean Bart, Ikkaku, Uni, Clione and rest of the crew – Submerged back underwater after dropping Law to Onigashima’s back entrance.

Kozuki Family and Allied Force

  • Hyogoro – Defending with Drake and cured by Chopper.
  • Momonosuke – Escaping with Shinobu from Kaido.
  • Shinobu – Running away with Momonosuke in her arm.
  • Kozuki Hiyori – In Wano, not wanting to meet others.
  • Tenguyama Hitetsu – In ruins of Amigasa Village, Wano.
  • Onimaru – In Ringo, Wano.
  • Shimotsuki Yasuie – Executed by Orochi in Flower capital, Wano.

Red Scabbards

  • Kin’emon – At Attic, Maybe dead after facing Kaido’s smash for Momo’s escape.
  • Kikunojo – Defeated by Kanjuro, Bleeding to death at Attic.
  • Raizo – Fighting Fukurokuju at 3rd floor.
  • Ashura Doji – Sacrificed himself against Kanjiro’s bomb. Out of combat at Castle Tower.
  • Kawamatsu – Last seen with Izo and Sanji at 2nd floor,going towards Live floor.
  • Denjiro – Last seen Beheading Orochi’s head at 3rd floor. Still Missing.

Mokomo Dukedom

  • Nekomamushi – Going towards Perospero at Live Floor.
  • Inuarashi – Fighting Jack at 3rd floor.
  • Carrot & Wanda – Defeated by Perospero, outside of Skull Dome.
  • Bariete & Shishilian – With Nekomamushi.
  • Dr.Miyagi & Tristan -Helped Chopper to make Antibodies at Live Floor.
  • Roddy & Blackback – Defeated by Jack at roof top.
  • Other Guardians – Defeated beast pirates and out of combat at Skull Dome top.
  • Concelot, Giovanni and Other Minks of Inuarashi Musketeer Squad (200) – Stalling beast pirates at 5th floor.

Allied Raid Forces

  • Izo – Going with Sanji and Kappa to Live floor.
  • Marco – Fighting King & Queen at Live floor.
  • Otama – Running away from big Mom with Usopp at 2nd floor.
  • Komachiyo – Skull Dome 2nd floor, in unconscious state after headbutt from Ulti.
  • Caribou – Last seen helping Raizo at Udon.

Kid Pirates

  • Kid – Fighting Big Mom at 2nd floor.
  • Killer – Fighting Hawkins at 3rd floor.
  • Heat & Wire – Fighting Beasts Pirates in Onigashima.
  • Others Kid Pirates- Fighting Gifters in Kaido’s castle.

Beasts Pirates’ Deserters

  • Yamato – At 3rd Floor, going towards Kaido with fake Momonosuke and fighting Beast Pirates.
  • X Drake – Fighting Scratchman Apoo at Live Floor.
  • Hihimaru – Defeated by Page One and Ulti.
  • Speed, Gazelleman & Daifugo – Distributing Otama’s dangos to other Gifters.
  • Briscola, Mizerka & Poker – With Speed.
  • Babanuki – Last seen covering up Udon escape at Udon.
  • The Armored Division of Sasaki (Tamed by Otama) – Fighting with Alliance
  • Unnamed Gifters led by Otama – Defected against the Beasts Pirates’ side after being tamed by Otama’s ability.
  • Unnamed Pleasures & Waiters led by Chopper – Most are down after Candy Arrow rain of Perospero.

Yakuza Leaders – With X Drake to guard Chopper & Hyogoro.

  • Omasa – cured by Chopper.
  • Tsunagoro – With Hyogoro.
  • Cho – With Hyogoro.
  • Yatappe – With Hyogoro.
  • Mt. Atama Thieves led by Ashura Doji (280) – Onigashima, main attack squad.
  • Wano Country Samurai (1000) – Onigashima, main attack squad.
  • Udon former Prisoners led by Hyogoro (3500) – Onigashima, main attack squad.
  • Kyoshiro Family led by Denjiro (200) – Onigashima, main attack squad.

Beasts Pirates and Allies

Beasts Pirates

  • Kaido – Reached First floor-Attic where Momonosuke is hidden and Smashed Kinemon.

All 9 Red Scabbards will die by the end of Wano Arc!

The One Who Revealed the Secret of Joy Boy and the Void Century to Kaido!