Chapter 1014 confirms that Yamato is going to join the Straw Hat Pirates?!


Some people were really put off by the statement of Yamato in latest chapter, so I thought I might make the effort to try and explain where Yamato is coming from here, and why I found this scene acceptable — maybe even appropriate — unlike a couple of her other Oden moments.


Yamato’s Aspirations to Oden Executed Poorly

An example of a scene that I think was not appropriate was Yamato’s reaction following Luffy asking her to protect Momonosuke. Yamato declares that Momonosuke was her son, announced herself to him as Oden then proceeding to chase him across Onigashima. I think it was intended to be lighthearted comedy, but I didn’t really feel it. I found it to be pretty cringe and tasteless humour.


Yamato isn’t actually Oden, and insomuch as she aspires to be him, it’s not in the sense of physically becoming him (and hence Momonosuke’s parent), but living up to the ideal he embodied.

The above was not that.

Yamato’s Aspirations to Oden in 1014

What happened in Chapter 1014 was Yamato affirming that she’s no longer a prisoner and that she has/will now become Oden.


She was declaring her freedom, and affirming that she was closer to the ideal of Oden she aspires to. She was closer to becoming Oden. I think it’s supposed to contrast Kaido saying that Luffy couldn’t become Joy Boy:


An Explanation of Yamato’s Aspirations to Oden

Yamato was inspired by Oden’s life. So inspired, that she made his journal her Bible.

She seeks to become Oden.

After Luffy freed her, she declared that today is the day that she becomes Oden.

What Does it Mean to “Become Oden”?

Becoming Oden has certain connotations for Yamato. To become Oden means the freedom to explore the open sea, no longer chained to one small island.

To become Oden means that she should fulfil his unfinished will.

  • His will to open Wano’s borders:

Kanjuro is the Real MVP of Wano Arc so far!

Kaido thought Ace was the Reincarnation of Joy Boy!