Kanjuro is the Real MVP of Wano Arc so far!


Kanjuro I have to say probably might be one of the best villains in the Wano arc. Kanjuro when he was originally introduced as a Scabbard wasn’t really that much of a interesting character and just seemed like nothing more than a wacky character who draws badly.


However when he was revealed as a traitor and when he revealed his true personality that’s when he became much more interesting as a character, I’m going to go over the list of stuff Kanjuro has done.


Indirectly responsible for the death of Oden and the downfall of Wano. Kanjuro helped Orochi and also informed Kaido and Orochi about Oden’s plan of attack.


Indirectly responsible for the attack on Zou.


Attacked the Alliance’s fleet when he was making his escape to Onigashima with Momonosuke as his hostage.

Beat up Momonosuke to the point of unconsciousness, proving again how much he hated the Kozuki Family and how he never truly cared for Oden and his son.

Despite being spared from death by Kiku and the rest of the Scabbards after Kiku defeated him and almost killed him, Kanjuro later on got back up and then created a fake Oden in order to psychologically mess with the Scabbards and also kill them.

Psychologically messed with Kiku so that way she would let down her guard.

A badly injured Kanjuro defeated and seemingly “killed” both Ashura Doji and Kiku.

Even after Kin’emon finally defeated and seemingly “killed” Kanjuro, he was still laughing to the very end.

Kanjuro is a man who stayed true to his acting when he was playing the role of a Kozuki retainer, and when his role was over he felt no remorse for the actions he has done. He mocked Oden and Toki’s death, mocked Yasuie’s death, and despite knowing Kawamatsu for a long time he called him a Fish-Man instead of his real name when they clashed.

Kanjuro was a really solid villain throughout the Wano arc and his character in my opinion became much more enjoyable when he was revealed as a villain.

*by DarkWitch

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