All the Incredibly Impressive Feats Sanji Showed in Chapter 1015!


We’re obviously all seeing the big new awesome looking move Sanji has used against Queen the Plague in the latest chapter.


Anyway I want to discuss about the less in your face incredibly impressive feats Sanji actually displays in this chapter.

Starting with the second page, we see Sanji running alongside Izo and Kawamatsu and fighting fodders along the way


On the following page, pretty much at the same time as the previous one we see Perospero launching his rain of arrows. And the arrows are right above the Samurai, closing in on the final panels with them screaming for their lives.


On the next page, again basically almost at the same time we see Queen getting ready to chomp on Chopper with his metal teeth.


And when his mouth is open and right next to Choppers body, Sanji crashes through the wall behind them at a fair distance, while still carrying Zoro. In the following panel we get a clear understanding of one of said most impressive feats, and that’s Sanji’s speed:

Queen barely got any closer to Chopper if at all, and Sanji already covered all of that distance, and has kicked all of his teeth out. What’s really nice about this is that we get to see previous actions also already set in motion prior to Sanji even crashing through that wall, basically also being almost “stopped in time”.

Remember this rain of arrows we’ve talked about a while back that was right above the head of the Samurai? Sanji crashed into the room, blitzed right into Queen’s face kicking his teeth out, and used the Rotisserie technique spinning Queen’s neck around at very high speed, intercepting all of those arrows that we’re about to hit the Samurai before Sanji even made the entrace on that floor.

That’s obviously crazy speed for Sanji right there, without the Raid Suit, while also carrying Zoro, but this is far from all that’s impressive about his display here.

As we see this chapter Izo and Kawamatsu were left behind and did not even make their room to the Live Floor before the end of the chapter, which hints at the fact that Sanji’s Observation Haki is what allowed him to pick up on the danger Chopper was facing, and made him leave the others way behind (even though they were still running in that direction), and rush in to protect Chopper.

What’s even better about this, is that Sanji also seems to have picked up on the danger the Samurai were in, and in the split second available to him after the rain of arrows was launched by Perospero, Sanji made it all the way to the Live Floor, defended Chopper and kicked Queen’s teeth out, and dealt with Queen in such a manner that with his technique he was also able to use Queen’s body to intercept every single arrow that was launched by Perospero.

We either say Sanji was aware of all of the above prior to entering the floor through that wall, or conclude that in the fraction of a second he had after crashing through the wall, he had the cold blood/cool mind to assert everything that was going on while Chopper’s life was on the line, and deal with the threat that was aimed at Chopper in such a way that it also solved the different threat aimed at the Samurai simultaneously.
Regardless of how you want to go about it, Sanji’s Observation Haki, speed, and incredibly fast critical thinking coupled with the top notch creativity and technique required to pull all of the above with a new move suited for this scenario are insanely impressive!
And the cherry on this cake, he even coordinated all of that to take out Perospero as an immediate threat all at the same time.

Absolutely crazy to go through this and realize what went on.

*by Kuro Ashi

Oda is now following a precise pattern with Sanji!

It’s finally Sanji’s time to shine!