Finally a New Power-Up for Nami!

In the latest chapter we see Nami hears a voice coming from her Sorcery Clima Tact, looking down to see what appears to be Zeus’ face.

Zeus avoiding death was no surprise given the character development he displayed fully rejecting Big Mom, and Nami just shoving the Clima Tact inside Hera’s mouth.

It looks like what happened here was that Zeus’s soul, from Big Mom squeezing it out of the cloud like a sponge, possessed the staff before Hera could fully swallow. I’m not sure what the difference between a staff and a staff with a face is, maybe Zeus will shoot weather eggs and whack fodder by itself.

I really like the idea that Nami, the Cat Burglar, has received such a major powerup by essentially stealing a piece of Big Mom’s soul. We have seen exactly what Zeus is capable of, so this is a big win for Nami.

I do wonder if Zeus is permanently part of Climatact itself or if he can still assume cloud form.

Either way, the possibility of Ulti standing back up to settle things with Nami have just risen pretty dramatically.

*by StrawHatJedi

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