Oda had left so many clues about Sanji vs Queen over the course of Wano Arc!

– Queen’s appearance is based on the character “Heart” from “Fist of the North Star”. Oda clearly drew the influence of the upcoming fight between Sanji vs Queen from Kenshiro vs Heart, and how Kenshiro defeated him with “SUPER KICKS”.

– Also, the fist may be an indicator of Queen’s mechanical arm/ fist vs Sanji’s leg. North may also be an indicator of Queen being from North Blue like Sanji is.

– Queen showed interest in Sanji because he’s a Vinsmoke and Judge’s son. That’s the first build-up of this upcoming fight.

– Queen knows Judge. And based on Queen’s evil medical and engineering expertise, he was definitely a previous member of Vegapunk’s scientific team (Queen, Ceasar, Judge, Vegapunk). This is a build-up for a flashback.

– Queen can extend his neck like Yonji’s right forearm. It’s the same design and both act as a winch. He can also shoot bullets from his mouth and use poison. As I said many times, I expect Queen to have all Germa’s tech in him. And by defeating him, it would seem as if Sanji defeated or overcame his brothers.

– Appearances:
Queen uses tech and wears sunglasses like Sanji in Raid Suit. Blonde like Sanji. Smoker like Sanji.

Both have food obsession. Opposite of Sanji’s code to not let anyone starve, he starves people.

There is a connection between Soba Mask and Udon which is Queen’s territory. Soba and Udon are both iconic types of noodles in Japan.

Sanji vs Queen is set in stone.

*by ErionRoronoa

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