The symbolic meaning of Yamato’s fight against his father Kaido


The confrontation between Yamato and Kaido that began in Chapter 1015 is to be Yamato’s main fight of the Wano arc. It is the climax of Yamato’s story arc in Wano. This is a fight that was directly foreshadowed by Ace in Chapter 999:


Ace told Yamato not to let Kaido chain her heart as well.

Yamato has finally come to break that chain that binds her to Kaido. The title of the chapter is named after this:


Yamato declares to Kaido that she has come to break the chains:


Yamato’s Character Arc in Onigashima

Yamato’s battle with Kaido is deeply personal. Kaido has imprisoned her for 20 years:


This imprisonment has barred her from pursuing her dreams.

She wanted to accept Ace’s offer to head out to sea with him but she could not. She then swore to Ace that if she ever got those cuffs removed, she’ll set out to sea too:

Luffy removed the physical shackles that prevented her from fulfilling her dreams:

Now, as Ace told her, it’s time to break the chains that Kaido has placed on her heart and destiny.

When Luffy questioned her resolve to fight Kaido, stating that it will mean she’ll see him getting beat up, she declared that she wished to beat him up herself.

Yamato has challenged Kaido many times before, and Kaido ensured that she always paid a price. That’s a debt she’s come to collect on.

Upon realising that Kaido was truly willing to kill her if she defied his plan for her life, she rejected him as her father:

It’s finally Sanji’s time to shine!

Oda had left so many clues about Sanji vs Queen over the course of Wano Arc!