Kinemon’s Last Stand

In Chapter 1015 we cut back to the aftermath from Kiku and Kanjuro’s battle and Kaido’s surprise attack which concluded the previous chapter. Both Kiku and Kanjuro lie motionless, indicating they are either dead or near death.

Kinemon, with his blades shattered, is still barely clinging to life and despite struggling to even move, makes a valiant but feeble attempt to hold back Kaido as Momonosuke watches in despair.

I said last week that I believe Kaido’s attack will result ultimately in Kinemon’s death and that point is further driven home when Kaido picks up a katana and uses it to impale Kinemon, delivering what appears to be a second fatal injury.

Just as I said last week, I do believe Kinemon will tenaciously hold out just a little bit longer. Notably, Kinemon didn’t smile before what appears to be his death in this chapter, which is a hallmark of those who carry the name D. as well as those close to the ones with the name D. such as Oden and Kiku.

I think Oda will give Kinemon more memorable final words and a farewell to Luffy before his ultimate passing. On that topic, Luffy will be devastated when he learns about Kinemon. I have talked about the idea in past chapter reviews that the 9 Scabbards will give Luffy the push he needs to defeat Kaido, perhaps by lending him the last of their lives / shadows, thus fulfilling Toki’s prophecy.

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It was sad to see Momonosuke’s memories of bonding with Kinemon as the two rehearse their roles as father and son, played back as he and Shinobu flee.

Wano truly is a Kabuki play, so Momonosuke and Kinemon practicing their roles fits well with that particular motif. I already talked about the deaths of the Scabbards last week at length, but I’m really saddened by Kinemon’s apparent death and I imagine this will have a lasting impact on the Straw Hats.

When all is said and done on Wano, I expect they will reflect on the lives of their friends and allies, Pedro, Yasuie, Kinemon, lost along the way in this quest to liberate Wano and take down Kaido.

*by StrawHatJedi

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