King & Queen vs Zoro & Sanji Incoming!

There’s obviously been plenty of talk about King and Queen lately. I’m going to try to lay out why I think they’ve clearly been shown as pair and what I think it ultimately means Zoro vs King.

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King and Queen are clearly meant to be portrayed as a duo with Jack as the distant odd man out. First in how they were introduced. Together, talking down to Jack, bantering among themselves. This just one instance that doesn’t mean anything by itself.

Then we see them together guarding Momonosuke. It’s King on one side Queen on the other. Jack is the odd man out once again. So this is twice now that King & Queen are portrayed as a pair, separated from Jack.

Then when the raid commenced they were shown together again. Just the two of them as a duo, again.

And later their zoan forms were shown together. We’re beginning to get into a serious pattern of King & Queen being right there with each other as a duo. It’s King & Queen. Never Queen & Jack or Jack & King.

Then Marco entered the picture and they got choked by Marco together. Oda is continuing to put these two in the same panels in similar positions to each other.

And we all know they proceeded to fight Marco together with Marco kicking them both around for a bit. Neither substantially separated themselves from the other against him which is a point toward the gap not being massive, but still we haven’t seen either go all out enough to say for sure and it really doesn’t matter.

With all of these laid out, I think it’s reasonable to conclude Oda wants us to associate King & Queen together with how frequently and how numerously he’s paired them together on a page. No other two Yonko Commanders have been paired like this in either Yonko crew we’ve seen so far.

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