The Perfect Duo to Defeat Big Mom!


In Chapter 1015 we see Law show up beside Eustass Kid and the two now prepare to face Big Mom together.


How will this teamwork play out? We alkready saw that Eustass Kid and Law’s ability combined are great against lightning:

  • Kidd against Linlin’s “Shiva’s Wrath”, using his detached metal arms as conductors
  • Kidd building a Faraday cage
  • Law shambling Zeus inside Kid’s Faraday cage

No type of defense was shown against Linlin’s fire, except for tanking a pretty “soft” attack from Prometheus, “Heavenly Fireballs”

When it comes to Napoleon, the only one who showed something against it is Kid, menaging to stop a swing from a combination of Napoleon and Prometheus.

Their teamwork against weaponless Linlin has been great, menaging temporarily remove her from the rooftop (and from the island…):

  • Kid pushing Linlin vertically with “Repel”
  • Law pushing Linlin horizontally with “Tact”
  • Linlin being pushed outside Onigashima

When it comes to personal feats, both showed to be able to stand against her:

  • Kid overpowering Linlin physically and crushing her to the ground with “Punk Gibson”
  • Law blitzing Linlin and attacking her with “Counter Shock”

How do you see this battle play out? Will more help be necessary or are Law and Kid enough?

*by rerere

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