Revealed the Family of Marshall D. Teach?!

One Piece Magazine Vol.8 includes some sketches regarding Marshall D. Teach’s mom and two little sisters! According to the notes of Eiichiro Oda, the two sisters are very kind and polite (the opposite of Teach), but it was not clear actually if the proof will be in the future or if they are initial ideas and then binned. 

In Oda’s sketches, we can see a shocked Ace reacting to Teach’s little sisters. What exactly is this sketch telling us? Maybe it’s a scene Oda had in mind at some point.

It’s not clarified here if this is an early idea that was scrapped or if Oda might implement it one day. Wonder if we’ll see them when we get the inevitable Blackbeard’s flashback.

When Oda drew all the Shichibukai as kids Teach was seen as crying so guessing his flashback will make him sympathetic like with most villains in the series?

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