All inflicted damage on Kaido during Wano arc so far!


This thread lists inflicted damage on Kaido during Wano arc so far.


Before Fighting Worst Generation

  • Kaido clashed with Big Mom continuously for one to three days would have caused minor fatigues and loss of stamina.
  • Red Scabbards drew blood from Kaido with their swords and attacks. Kinemon and Kiku pierced Kaido’s torso and right palm respectively using haki-infused sword.

Changes to Beast form

  • Kaido withstood his own immensely destructive Bolo Breath redirected at him by Raizo’s Maki Maki no Jutsu.
  • Kinemon’s Firefox style: Flame-rend was able to cut through Kaido’s Blast Breath and damage him.
  • Crimson Cat Dance Assaults from Nekomamushi and Inuarashi’s Sulong enhanced attacks Canine Scourge stabs Kaido.
  • Kawamatsu’s Amano-gawa (Kappa style: River of sea) was able to pierce through Kaido.
  • Izo’s Dangirigan (Bullet Slicing Rounds) and Kikunojo’s Zansetsu-gama (Lingering Snow Scythes) pierces and slashes Kaido at the same time.
  • Kinemon, Denjiro, Inuarashi, and Ashura to focus and coordinate their Togen Totsuka attacks together at his scar to finally inflict significant damage. (However, Kaido himself stated that the injuries were still shallow)

Changes to Human form

Fighting Worst Generation

  • Luffy’s Gear Three: Red Roc smashed Kaido’s face in ground (Advanced Busoshoku Haki was the reason for inflicting damage on Kaido).
  • Zoro’s Onigiri and Killer’s Decapitation Claw slashed Kaido.
  • Luffy’s Gear Four: Kong Gun, Kid’s Punk Potten: Punk Vice and Law’s Room combined assault on Kaido.

New Dynamics among the Straw Hats with Yamato joining

Chapter 1016 sheds new light on the skirmish between Shanks vs Kaido