All inflicted damage on Kaido during Wano arc so far!


Changes to Beast form

  • Smashed Kaido with Gomu Gomu no: Kong Rifle.
  • Kid’s Gibson Slam of Kaido.
  • Law’s Gamma Knife on Heart of Kaido, internal injuring it.
  • Killer’s Sonic Scythe slicing from inside of Kaido.
  • Luffy’s Rhino Schneider on Kaido face.
  • Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling on face, bruising and pushing Kaido to crash ground.
  • Zoro penetrated Kaido’s scales by Three sword style : Great dragon Twister.

Change to Hybrid form

  • Law’s Injection Shot on Kaido’s neck makes him coughing blood.
  • Zoro’s Ausra: Farce of the Death leaves permanent scar on Kaido’s chest.
  • Luffy’s Advanced Conquer’s Haki punch to Kaido’s gut and uppercut puts him down (This one vs one is off-screened so count of damage is unknown).

Changes to Human form

After Fighting Worst Generation

  • Yamato vs Kaido incoming.

Moreover Kaido was generating Flame Clouds to levitate Onigashima towards to Flower Capital while battling against five members of the Worst Generation. If we are optimistic like Luffy these attacks will have effects on him. Hope we see its impact soon.

*by VivreCard

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