All the Reasons why Big Mom is definitely a much better Ruler than Kaido!


I see people keep repeating like a broken record that Big Mom is a not a good captain cause she rampages and is a menace to her crew. While that’s partially true, if you’re gonna pick on Big Mom then let’s be fair an pick on Kaido too, he’s a far bigger menace to his crew than Big Mom is to her crew.


1- First, Kaido also rampages when drunk. He came to Wano in dragon form and was about to rampage, even Jack was worried that he’s gonna destroy everything along with the labor force. Hawkins was the one who saved the day and lied to Kaido directing him to Oden’s castle.


2- Kaido is absolutely a psychopath who just keeps beating up and thrashing his own men when he’s in a bad mood. I’ve not seen Big Mom beat up her men on purpose like that.

3- Kaido makes his own crew eat a SMILE Devil Fruit with only 10% success. He mocks the unlucky ones by calling them Pleasurers. That’s seriously messed up on so many different levels.


And even the so called ‘lucky Gifters’ are so disgusting and mutilated fodder. There was a guy whose head was a chicken’s ass lol


4- Kaido ravages and plunders his own land to the point where even the water and wildlife are poison. He denies his own citizens even basic necessities for life and turns them to slave labor. Big Mom’s land was a paradise in comparison, you never go hungry and all races are treated as equals.

5- Just as Big Mom Pirates crew fear Charlotte Linlin, Kaido’s men also fear him greatly. Jack was trembling in seeing Kaido descend from the sky. So that argument applies for both and there has to be a certain amount of fear for a Captain.

6- Kaido has mood and personality swings every time he drinks. One minute he’s sobbing, the next he is thrashing his own men. His men are even afraid to talk to him when he drinks. Atleast Big Mom’s rampages are not self inflicted, it’s out of her control.

7- Big Mom taxes her people portion of life? Yes she does. And people are happy to do it. Why? Cause they rather live happily without hunger, poverty, slavery, trouble from the World Government and other pirates, and they don’t have to pay ridiculous tribute to the Celestial Dragons.

Besides, the small portion of soul they pay as tax goes into creating Homies that protect and serve them anyway. It’s a much fair tax than what the Celestial Dragons ask for while giving nothing in return.

Big Mom is definitely a much better ruler than Kaido!

*by JaxonBrawly

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