Current Location of All Major Characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1018)


Here’s a report that details the current position of every current relevant character of One Piece. With the way the plot is heading, it’s nice to get a good reminder as to where everybody is.


The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance – 9k

Straw Hat Pirates– At Skull Dome, Wano (which is flying towards Flower Capital)

  • Luffy – Rescued from sea and being resuscitated by the Heart Pirates from Polar Tang.
  • Zoro – In full-body bandages and ready accept the drug at Live floor.
  • Sanji Non-raid suit – Holding Queen in Live floor.
  • Nami – ride on Speed’s back with Otama and Usopp, at first floor Balcony escaping from Beast Pirates.
  • Zeus – Partnered with Nami and clears the path for Nami.
  • Usopp – With Nami and Otama.
  • Chopper – Administering super recovery drug to Zoro with the help of Dr.Miyagi & Tristan at Live floor.
  • Robin – Fighting Black Maria at 3rd floor with Brook.
  • Brook – Fighting Black Maria with Robin.
  • Franky General Franky– Fighting Sasaki at Right-Brain Tower. (exhausted from the fight)
  • Jimbe – Attacks Who’s Who face with Gargoyle Tile Fist, at 4th Floor.
  • Thousand Sunny – It was hidden by Jimbe at entrance of Onigashima.

Heart Pirates

  • Law – 2nd floor, with Kid to fight Big Mom.
  • Bepo, Shachi and Penguin – In Skull Dome downstairs, fighting Beasts Pirates.
  • Jean Bart, Ikkaku, Uni, Clione and rest of the crew – Inside Polar Tang, they found Luffy by his Voice of all Things.
  • Polar Tang – Submerged in Wano sea, going towards Luffy.

Kozuki Family and Allied Force

  • Hyogoro – Defending with X Drake [Hybrid form] and cured by Chopper.
  • Momonosuke[Human form] – Escaped from Kaido,crying for Kinemon and Kiku in Shinobu’s arms.
  • Shinobu – Escaped with Momonosuke.
  • Kozuki Hiyori – In Wano, not wanting to meet others. (Silhouette from 1004 is not revealed yet)
  • Tenguyama Hitetsu – With Toko at Fire Festival at Flower Capital without his Wings.
  • Toko – With Hitetsu.
  • Onimaru – In Ringo, Wano.
  • Jibuemon – Last seen in Kin’emon’s eastern forces.
  • Shimotsuki Yasuie – Executed by Orochi in Flower capital, Wano.

Red Scabbards

  • Kin’emon – At Attic, maybe dead after getting stabbed by Kaido.
  • Kikunojo – Defeated by Kanjuro, Bleeding to death at Attic.
  • Raizo – Fighting Fukurokuju at 3rd floor.
  • Ashura Doji – Sacrificed himself against Kanjiro’s bomb. Out of combat at Castle Tower.
  • Kawamatsu – With Izo and Sanji at Live floor.
  • Denjiro – Last seen Beheading Orochi’s head at 3rd floor. Still Missing.
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Mokomo Dukedom

  • Nekomamushi – Going towards Perospero at Live Floor.
  • Inuarashi – Fighting Jack at 3rd floor. (exhausted from the fight)
  • Carrot & Wanda – Defeated by Perospero, outside of Skull Dome.
  • Bariete & Shishilian – With Nekomamushi.
  • Dr.Miyagi & Tristan – Healing Zoro with Chopper at Live Floor.
  • Roddy & Blackback – Stalling beast pirates in Live floor.
  • Other Guardians – Defeated beast pirates and out of combat at Skull Dome top.
  • Concelot, Giovanni and Other Musketeer Squad (200) – Stalling beast pirates at 5th floor.
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Allied Raid Forces

  • Izo – With Sanji and Kappa to Live floor.
  • Marco [Hybrid form]– Fighting King & Queen at Live floor.
  • Otama – Using Bao Huang to make announcement to entire island, at Live floor balcony.
  • Komachiyo – Skull Dome 2nd floor, in unconscious state after headbutt from Ulti.
  • Caribou – Last seen helping Raizo at Udon.

Kid Pirates

  • Kid – Fighting Big Mom at 2nd floor.
  • Killer – Fighting Hawkins at 3rd floor.
  • Heat & Wire – Fighting Beasts Pirates in Onigashima.
  • Others Kid Pirates- Fighting Gifters in Kaido’s castle.
  • Victoria Punk – Last seen during the Fire Festival, Victoria Punk entered the battle.
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Beasts Pirates’ Deserters

  • Yamato [Human form]– At Skull Dome top, Holding Kaido until Luffy’s return.
  • X Drake [Hybrid form] – Last seen at Live Floor.
  • Hihimaru – Defeated by Page One and Ulti.
  • Speed – Protecting and carrying Nami, Tama and Usopp.
  • Gazelleman – Going to take care of Komachiyo.
  • Daifugo – Makes way for Speed and Otama to escape.
  • Mizerka & Poker – Tamed by Otama’s devil fruit ability yet and attacking Who’s Who subordinates.
  • Babanuki – Last seen covering up Udon escape at Udon.
  • Hamlet – Attacking Beast Pirates at Castle interior.
  • The Armored Division of Sasaki (Tamed by Otama) – Fighting with Alliance.
  • Headliner’s Subordinates (2000) – Betrayed Beast Pirates and joins the alliance with there Headliners.
  • Unnamed Gifters tamed by Otama (300) – supports alliance.
  • Unnamed Pleasures & Waiters led by Chopper(4000)- Most are down after Candy Arrow rain of Perospero.

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