Current Location of All Major Characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1018)


Beasts Pirates and Allies – 16k

Beasts Pirates

  • Kaido [Hybrid form] – At rooftop, clashing Yamato without holding back.
  • King [Normal form]– Stalled by Marco at Live floor.
  • Queen [Hybrid form]– Fighting Sanji at Live floor.
  • Jack [Beast form]– Fighting Inuarashi at 3rd floor.


  • Who’s-Who [Hybrid form]– Got heavily damaged by Jimbe at 4th floor.
  • Black Maria [Hybrid form]– Fighting Robin and Brook at 3rd floor.
  • Sasaki [Mermen form]– Fighting Franky at Right-Brain Tower.
  • Page One [Hybrid form]– Defeated by Big Mom at 2nd floor.
  • Ulti [Human form]– Defeated by Nami at first floor.


  • Basil Hawkins – Fighting Killer at 3rd floor.
  • Bao Huang – Caught by Usopp and Otama for using her ability at first floor balcony.
  • Holdem – Last seen at Okobore town.
  • Dobom – Defeated by Luffy and Kid in Udon.
  • Solitaire – Last seen in Udon with Babanuki.
  • Fourtricks – Beaten by Luffy, Sanji, and Jinbe.
  • Scratchmen Apoo – Fighting Drake at Live floor.
  • Briscola – Tamed by Otama’s devil fruit ability yet and supports alliance.
  • Other Shinuchi – Last seen in Wano.
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  • Jaki – Defeated by Franky at 1st floor.
  • Goki– Defeated by Luffy at Live Floor.
  • Nangi – Defeated by Sulong form Guardians at Roof top.
  • Hatcha – Defeated by Yamoto.
  • Juki – Defeated by Drake at Live Floor.
  • Other 5 Numbers – Not sober and missing but still Onigashima island.
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  • Other Gifter, Pleasures & Waiters – Stalling the Alliance.
  • Horse Gifter with Bao – In first floor.
  • Other Marys – In various places, announcing and tracking all the groups.

Beast Pirates Allied Force

  • Orochi Oniwabanshu (10) – Defeated by Hyogoro, except Fukurokuju at Live floor.
  • Hotei & Mimawarigumi – Defeated by Hyogoro at Live floor.

Big Mom Pirates

  • Big Mom – Fighting Kid at 2nd floor.
  • Perospero – At Live floor, body slammed by Queen unknowingly.
  • Napoleon, Prometheus and Hera – with Big Mom.
  • Queen Mama Chanter & Others Big Mom pirates– Last seen falling off waterfall.

Others Wano Faction

  • Kurozumi Orochi [Beast form]– beheaded by Red Scabbards at 3rd floor. (took 6 heads, one was already cut offed by Kaido)
  • FukuroKuju – Fighting Raizo at 3rd floor.
  • Kanjuro – Bleeding to Death at Attic after Kinemon Slash.
  • Three unamed CP-0 – At reception room first floor with Marys, doesn’t really care who wins but wants Who’s Who dead.
  • Tsugaru Umi – Performing at Fire Festival.

Silhouette And Mysterious Characters

  • Silhouette from Chapter 1004 who healed Red Scabbard – Last seen behind Castle Tower.
  • Silhouette from Chapter 979 who was lurking behind Jimbe and Robin – Last seen at Entrance of Onigashima.
  • Mysterious character wearing Wano outfit from Chapter 631 cover-page – Last seen drinking with Crocus and Laboon in Reverse Mountain.
  • Zunesha – Is heading somewhere specific. According to Miyagi, the Minks will one day have to leave Zunesha’s back and move elsewhere. He also suggested that Zunesha may not just be randomly walking the ocean.

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