How many Chapters it took for each Straw Hat to join Luffy from their Introduction


Franky: 109 chapters. Introduced in Chapter 329, joins in Chapter 437.


Brook: 48 chapters. Introduced in Chapter 442, joins in Chapter 489.


Jinbe: 337 chapters. Introduced in Chapter 528, quits Big Mom’s crew and joins Luffy in Chapter 864. I chose not to count Jinbe first being mentioned in Chapter 69 as an introduction or his promise to join the Straw Hats soon at the end of Fishman Island as an official joining.


I was a little surprised by some of these because with the exception of Nami and Robin I just figured each subsequent crew member would take longer and longer, but then Thriller Bark had to go ahead and be short.

And just for fun, a couple other counts, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet Captains.


The Grand Fleet was formally declared in Chapter 800, so…

Cavendish: 97 chapters (Introduced Chapter 704)

Bartolomeo: 96 chapters (Introduced Chapter 705)

Sai: 97 chapters (Introduced Chapter 704)

Ideo: 95 chapters (Introduced Chapter 706)

Leo: 91 chapters (Introduced Chapter 710)

Hajrudin: 95 chapters (Introduced Chapter 706)

Orlumbus: 97 chapters (Introduced Chapter 704)

*by vivvav

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