Current Location of All Major Characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1019)

Here’s a report that details the current position of every current relevant character of One Piece. With the way the plot is heading, it’s nice to get a good reminder as to where everybody is.

We are in an action phase so not much is moving, but here it is:

– Luffy wakes up on the Heart Pirates’ submarine demanding meat. Queen fires several laser shots at Sanji but he dodges him. Zoro is still being healed by the Minks. He’s about to get up but not yet.

– Sasaki transforms into his hybrid form and demonstrates his ability to spin his Triceratops frill rapidly to fly and gain a speed boost. The General Franky is heavily damaged, forcing Franky to eject from it. Franky manages to knock Sasaki out.

– On the Skull Dome roof, Yamato enteres a Zoan hybrid form whilst doing battle with Kaido.

*by kerbeks12

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