Vivi will rejoin the Straw Hat Pirates as a permanent member


Vivi is so close to the Straw Hats, she even understood the message Luffy sent to his crew partially. Although she didn’t really understand what 3D******2Y** means, she still deduced that Luffy wouldn’t do something so extra if it wasn’t important in some way. This shows just how much she understands Luffy and his character. Only a true Straw Hat would have this deep of an understanding of her captain.


In conclusion, I think that if Vivi would have a need to sail again, it would be with the Straw Hats.


Now that we have established a proper reason for her to sail again, the next step would be to establish her goal as a Straw Hat. Every Straw Hat has a dream that is different from Luffy’s but is still tied to him in some way. For example, Nami’s goal of creating a world map can only be achieved if she helps Luffy reach Laugh Tale and become Pirate King. Although her dream is different, it is still tied to Luffy’s dream and this applies to every Straw Hat.

So what would Vivi’s be?


I believe Vivi’s goal for sailing with Luffy is to destroy the World Government. It would make sense because they were the ones who killed her father and taken over her kingdom. For the sake of revenge or just to save her people, she would need to confront the World Government as an enemy. This would make for an interesting dynamic because the Straw Hats have never really considered destroying the World Government, they only oppose them when they get in their way. With the addition of Vivi, it would give Luffy and the rest a proper reason to go after the World Government seriously. The Straw Hats have always been predicted to be the ones to end the oppression of the World Government, it’s just that so far, we haven’t seen any motivation for the crew to go after them. All that could change with the addition of Vivi.



Every Straw Hat has a job on the ship. Luffy is the Captain, Zoro is the First Mate, Nami is the Navigator, Usopp is the Sniper, Sanji is the Cook, Chopper is the Doctor, Robin is the Archeologist, Franky is the Shipwright, Brook is the Musician, and finally Jinbe is the Helmsman. So what would Vivi’s role be?

I believe Vivi will be the Strategist/ Negotiator / Political Advisor of the Straw Hats!


Pirates in the One Piece world are 100 times different from Pirates in the real world! One Piece Pirates aren’t just organized criminals. They have armies, territories, political influence, affluent connections with other forces, and more! Who better to manage these things than a former princess who had been learning how to take care of a country for the past 2-3 years?

This is especially important now because I believe that the Straw Hats will be recognized as part of the 4 Emperors of the seas. Oda has already been building this up since Luffy declared that Fishman Island woud become his territory!

This will be more prevalent as I believe Luffy will make Wano his territory as well. You could say that Jinbe could take care of these things, but he already has his role as the Helmsman. Having Vivi do this task makes more sense. Vivi has also shown the ability to hatch up plans for battle and in war during Alabasta. War plans are becoming more important, as we have seen during Whole Cake Island and Wano. The people who came up with the plans in those arcs were Bege and Kin’emon respectfully. But what will happen when the Straw Hats are alone? We need a Strategist for the crew!

*Theory by FrostDesigns

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