People are too sure that Blackbeard was afraid of his own life against Whitebeard.


Now, can you imagine a guy who:

  • Already killed one of the Whitebeard’s commanders, and captured another and knows that what would Whitebeard do to other people who killed his sons.
  • He was chasing a 100+ bounty prize to become a Shichibukai.
  • He invades Impel Down and faces Magellan.
  • He throws his Shichibukai title in front of the Marine army and the Admirals.
  • He invades Marineford and faces Whitebeard despite seeing he is still powerful enough to KO Admiral Akainu.
  • He tries to obtain Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit power (despite the risk of dying due to having two Devil Fruits) .
  • He challenges the entire Marines and the World Government.
  • Then he faces the Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Garp.
  • He conquers Whitebeard’s territories in the New World.
  • He faces Marco the Phoenix in the Payback War.
  • He invades the Revolutionary Base.

I can’t imagine a guy like that is afraid of dying. It makes no sense.

Blackbeard himself said this:

Blackbeard : ”Luck may decide who lives and who dies… Bu whoever gets scared first loses!”

  • Chapter 549

    I don’t think Blackbeard was showing off here, or trying to be look cool to his crewmates. That’s what he believes. Which is why he was doing these things, such as facing with the strongest guy of the Impel Down without knowing his powers.
    I think explained why I believe Teach wasn’t afraid of dying, because of what he was doing despite his intelligence he was taking great risks of losing his own life already. And suddenly he afraids of dying? Doesn’t make sense.

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