King, Queen, Jack and Yamato are closely related to Punk Hazard!


I already made a theory detailing how I believe that King and Queen were once workers of the World Government on Punk Hazard and how Kaido was once a prisoner there.


With this theory I have decided to reread Wano and look into how the Beasts Pirates operate specifically focusing on the Calamities and I’ve expanded the theory. I feel like the Punk Hazard escape took place exactly 25 years ago.


Why 25 years ago? Because that’s the prime opportunity. This is the time when Gol D. Roger became the King of the Pirates.


The world would’ve been in such an uproar that much of the World Government’s power houses would be off trying to capture him, and from the World Government side, the disappearance of Kaido from Punk Hazard could’ve been easily covered up. So what does this mean for Kaido and his crew?

First let’s discuss the 28 year old Yamato.

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The question always surfaces, who is Yamato’s mother? But what if Yamato has no mother. Kaido has honestly never shown love towards Yamato, going as far as to actively attempt to kill Yamato if he/she didn’t follow his command. As well as actively beat Yamato to near death for speaking out against him.

So is Kaido just a downright bastard of a parent? Possibly, or there’s a chance Yamato isn’t exactly Kaido’s child. Not too long before Yamato’s birth, a groundbreaking discovery was mad, Judge and Vegapunk discovered lineage factors and Judge was able to use this to begin cloning and augmentation of humans.

Now, what if Yamato was created as a clone of Kaido? A super soldier with Kaido’s physical might. It fits the name as well “Yamato” means “Peace” and “Harmony.” Just a crackpot theory, but one that I think fits with the rest of the theory.

Now let’s continue with the Calamities.

Jack the Drought – I believe Jack was also an experiment on Punk Hazard. Judging by his subservient attitude despite his physical power, Jack has always looked up to Kaido and the other Calamities.

So what was he being experimented on? Well, according to the data books, Jack has not been stated to have Haki so how is he so powerful? Augmentation. This young Fishman child I believe was augmented to be the Celestial Dragon’s first indestructible slave. It explains why Jack is able to survive, and his near limitless endurance as well as his insane height.

However, once Kaido and everyone freed everyone from Punk Hazard, Jack began to follow Kaido and decided he’d do anything for his savior. This leads him to fight people far out of his depth (Doffy’s recovery mission), single handedly attack countries (Zou), and do anything Kaido says without hesitation or complaint.

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