Marco is the Real MVP of Wano Arc so far!


Marco stopped the Big Mom Pirates from entering Wano which effectively lowered the enemies manpower by at least 25%. Then he clashed evenly with Big Mom.

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After that, he was able to stall both King and Queen, facing them alone for almost 15 chapters (1000-1015).

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He also used his flames to slow down the Ice Oni Virus.


All this reduced Marco’s stamina, but still he doesn’t get enough credit.


Did you guys notice how the info boxes in the manga doesn’t say Marco is defeated?

They just say Marco is at his limit, not defeated, and note that Marco was fighting against superior numbers (includes Perospero) in this battle not only against King + Queen.

No info about Marco is being defeated, he’s just at his limit.

In Chapter 1015 Marco is fighting with others as well, as he uses his ability but sees Sanji came to help:

Notice how Marco is saying he is holding off both King and Queen in Chapter 1006, and only he is panting in here:

Previously, he was choking them in Chapter 1000:

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