Zoro Killing Kaido Foreshadowed!

Do you remember the theory about Zoro’s Death in Chapter 944 that arose from speculation on the Color Spread of Chapter 784?

It is based on the skull sign (symbol of death) and Ultimo (spanish for “final”) on Zoro, with him sitting on a grave.

However, the theory doesn’t really fit with the theme for the Straw Hats since the main characters are going to accomplish their dreams. One Piece clearly takes the happy ending route so it is not likely for Oda to kill his main characters. So whose graveyard is it, then?

People were too fixated to think of 944 as the chapter number. However, it is actually referring to a recent Vivre Card number:

Yes, I mean Kaido.

That means the Color Spread of Chapter 784 is actually a foreshadowing for Zoro’s role to kill Kaido in the finale (the ultimo) of this arc.

With this last chapter, we can all agree on the fact that Zoro will have to deal with Kaido again.

In Monsters, Oda’s previous manga, the hero Ryuma defeated one of the strongest swordsmen on earth, said to be as strong as “King”, the real number 1. After defeating him, Ryuma slayed the Dragon in the city, becoming the Sword King.

Moreover, don’t forget that Enma sword means “Dragon slayer”. So for me, Zoro has 100% chance of cutting Kaido’s head at the end of the raid.

*Theory by Orojackson Refugee / Debanv

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