Oda Reveals ONE PIECE Story is in its Final Stage!


The advertisement for the release of ONE PIECE Volume 100 features an image of Oda drawing a panel with the sentence “The story is in its final stage.”


Oda previously said in an interview in August 2020 that he plans to end the story in four or five years.


Can Oda really finish One Piece in 5 years? I know that he would like to end One Piece in about 5 years, but we all know that it’s nearly impossible to do that and it will more likely continue for about 7-8 years.


Even if there is not enough room for certain Arcs to appear in the story or rather to last very long in the story, I will present to you my wishes for Future One Piece Story Arcs and how long I would want them to be. It’s just my opinion and I would really like to see the story go approximately in that way.

Wano Kuni/Onigashima | 30-40 chapters


Wano Kuni is the ongoing Arc with the expectations growing higher every chapter. The common opinion is that Wano will surpass Marineford and I definitely agree with that. I’m sure that Kaido and Big Mom won’t be defeated within the next 20 chapters.

Reverie pt. 2 | 5-10 chapters

I am sure that Oda will show us what happened at the Reverie before continuing the Straw Hats journey. We might even see what Im Sama looks like. It will most likely be longer than the first part because there are many more things that Oda has to show us.

Elbaf | 50-70 chapters

We’ve been introduced to Elbaf on Little Garden and regularly got small hints to the island and it’s inhabitants. I would like Elbaf to be another huge Arc with many new characters and an interesting villain. The Arc could be like Skypiea in terms of length and I wish for a villain who is unknown in the world, but absolutely overpowered, like Enel was. Many people think Elbaf will more likely be as long as the Zou Arc, but I personally think that it would be a waste of potential if Oda made Elbaf a short Arc rather than giving this island the time it deserves. Luffy and Shanks will also meet there in my opinion, maybe in the end of the Arc.

Lodestar | 5-20 chapters

We just got introduced to Lodestar, which is the last island in the New World. Before the Zou Arc it was commonly thought that Laugh Tale was the last island on the Grand Line. It might just be nostalgia, but I definitely want the crew to visit Lodestar just because Laugh Tale has always been the last island and now Lodestar is. Even if the Straw Hats already have the knowledge about the Road Poneglyphs, they should nevertheless visit the last island to complete their journey. The Arc could just be centered around them meeting one of the former Roger Pirates (maybe Scopper Gaban) and to get a whole lot of information while staying on that certain island.

But there’s a second possibility I thought of. Many people think that Laugh Tale will be a huge brawl between all of the Supernovas to get the One Piece. I am none of them. I like the mystery surrounding that island and I don’t want anyone else than the Straw Hats to be there in the end. But Lodestar could be a good possibilty to solve the Rookie-problem. Luffy could show his superiority by defeating the other Supernovas and they all will accept his dominace and give up. Luffy’s last fight will obviously be Kid who will give up hunting the One Piece after getting beaten up by Luffy. He will accept his inferiority to find the One Piece, but still sees Luffy as his biggest rival.

Laugh Tale | 30-50 chapters

It’s the island we’ve been waiting for for 23 years. It’s the thing Luffy wants the most – the One Piece. But before he can achieve his goal to finally become the Pirate King he has to overcome one obstacle. Marshall D. Teach. Who might’ve killed Shanks at that point of time. I think Blackbeard will be the absolute strongest creature at that point.

The fight will obviously resemble the fight between Rocks D. Xebec and Gol D. Roger – but with one difference. It seems like Coby is Garp of the new generation, but I can’t see Coby taking part in that fight, like Garp did back in the day at God Valley. Speaking of God Valley…it’s not located on Laugh Tale. So we might visit God Valley before going to Laugh Tale. The fight for the One Piece might also take place there. The Straw Hats will find the One Piece after and learn about all the secrets the world has to offer.

Sphinx | 10-20 chapters

After learning the truth about the world (World Government, Void Century etc.) they will meet up with the Grand Fleet and maybe also with the Revolutionary Army on Sphinx Island. Luffy and Sabo will visit Ace and Whitebeard’s grave and Luffy might bury Shanks right next to them. By seeing the graves he will get the will to destroy the World Government (there might be other reasons for him to destroy the World Government, like something regarding Vivi). Sphinx will overall be an Arc which is dedicated to assemble most of the forces which are needed to destroy their last enemy. This will be the start of the last Saga.

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