Chapter 1025 hints at the reason why Vegapunk’s Artificial Devil Fruit was a Failure

In chapter 1025, Yamato’s race is revealed. After Kaido knocks Yamato into the ground, he claims that the samurai’s acts of kindness were phony and that everyone was afraid of her for being the offspring of an ogre, which he says is her purpose in life.

An oni is a kind of yōkai, demon, orc, ogre or troll in Japanese folklore. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red, blue, or white-colored, wearing loincloths of tiger pelt, and carrying iron kanabō clubs.

So now I somewhat realized that the artificial devil fruit Vegapunk created is a “failure” because he wanted to create the “Oni Devil Fruit”, a devil fruit version of Kaido’s Oni race/clan, instead of the dragon devil fruit.

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Big Mom refers to Kaido as “Creature” and the Marines consider Kaido as the “Strongest Creature”. That’s why the World Government tried to create a devil fruit version of “Oni”. Maybe due to some special abilities of this clan/race.

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