Chapter 1025 suggests that Yamato will not join the Straw Hat Pirates

Chapter 1025 has done two things for me. Made me see what Yamato’s character arc is supposed to be for this story. It became clear why she idolized Oden. She was always alone, never had many friends and thought she would be never loved because she’s the child of Kaido.

So I can’t imagine just how powerful it was for her to see someone so beloved by an entire nation the way Oden was. It’s no wonder she latched onto him. Idolized him. Wanted to BE him.

However Kaido’s comments about her to me solidify her arc. He points out how she acts like a soldier of Wano and that the Samurai will never truly accept her.

By the end of the Wano arc I believe both these statements will be proven wrong.

First, Yamato will become the most beloved figure in Wano just as Oden was and much like her devil fruit suggests she’ll chose to remain in Wano as its protector now that she’s finally achieved the acceptance she’s always wanted. Because of this, I do not think Yamato will be joining the Straw Hats.

The second thing is that it hits on that theme again. Of not judging the child for the sins of the parent. Of not judging someone for their lineage & blood relations.

This theme has yet to be explored in depth because it is still something the country as a whole needs to learn to come to grips with. Luffy beating Kaido does not resolve this inherent flaw of Wano’s thinking. I believe that in order to truly open the borders of Wano the people must first truly open their minds to outside ideas. Only then will Wano truly become an open nation. Just like Oden wanted.

*Theory by Emperor_Luffy

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