Sanji’s Fire Powers are linked to the Lunarian Race!


With the raid suit making Sanji feel weird, lots of people think it’s activating the failed lineage factors within him. However, this would mean Judge was successful and it would be weird for Sanji to suddenly derive his strength from his father’s experiment.

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It’s possible that Sanji WAS successful after all, but I’m sure he would hate that and it would fit perfectly if Sanji beat Queen without using Germa tech or enhancements. Plus, Sanji already has the Raid Suit, which he came to terms with using to save his friends when necessary but would rather rely on his own power. I don’t see him getting anything else from Judge.


I’m sure at this point you’ve seen how much Oda loves talking through his characters, in a way where we’ll get big information through them (Who’s Who and Sun God Nika, Dr. Kureha revealing the name Gol D. Roger, etc.). Queen being the first to mention Sanji’s ability to create flames (which was previously chalked up to sheer passion) and us getting the information about King’s species and Lunarians doesn’t seem like a coincidence, taking into account Oda’s style.

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What if, instead of the raid suit activating the lineage factors, the raid suit could be reacting with his body, due to whatever reason, and fully awaken the Lunarian genes within him? Diable Jambe could be an offshoot of these abilities, and the raid suit could just awaken it to the max.


With so little being known about Lunarians, this could be a perfect point for Oda to explain their history and how they died out. Lunarians could have possibly intermingled with humans at a time long ago, but such hybrids could have weaned in population as well, be it by persecution, hunting, etc. This is just a bit of speculation, but Judge could’ve sought out and originally copulated with Sora in order to pass on the Lunarian genes to his children and create a powerful Germa empire, not unlike what Endeavor did in My Hero Academia.

Judge always viewed Sanji as a failure, and as a weak person overall. Sora basically sacrificed her health to stop Sanji from becoming an emotionless machine like his brothers. If the result of Sora’s love and self sacrifice was Sanji getting powers from HER side, while rejecting Judge’s ideals and proving him wrong, it would only add on to what’s been established with Sanji’s character. It would be the perfect irony for the child Judge considers a failure to be the only one who actually is a success not because of him but because of what Sora did, and he never realized it.

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I also noticed how Sanji never uses Diable Jambe in the Raid Suit. This is definitely purposeful, and one of the reasons could be the separation of the abilities he got from his caring mother and the technology he got from his cruel father. It could show the difference between the warm love (literally fire) he received from his mother that allowed him to be a real human vs the calculating cold father who saw his children as nothing more than tools for his goals, outfitting them with tech and altering them for such purposes.

Oda may have ended up trolling both Judge and Big Mom.

Sora wanted to keep her kids passion, while Judge sought powerful children. What if she understood the power her kids would posses if they just kept their emotions. Judge would have robbed himself of the power he sought because he was willing to give away their emotions to make them more powerful.

Big Mom wanted one of each race in her nation. She asked King to join her to include a Lunarian, but if she didn’t plot to kill the Vinsmoke and had the Pudding marriage been authentic, she would have had a part Lunarian in her tribe.

*Theory by 132172 / Reapics

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