The World Government is going to capture Nico Robin?!!

The CP-0 agents in Kaidou’s fortress receive a call from Rob Lucci, who reveals that battleships are positioned to initiate a World Government takeover of Wano Country should Kaidou fall.

CP0 is also given another order: the immediate capture of Nico Robin, regardless of the outcome of the battle.

We know both Big Mom and the World Government are after Nico Robin, but there is also the possibility that Blackbeard may go after her as well.

I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of Robin getting “kidnapped again” but Oda has been foreshadowing it here and there.

Fake Robin getting kidnapped

Yeah, this might very well be Oda’s way of foreshadowing what’s gonna happen to the real Robin, especially because we got this before that moment.

CP agents lurking, they wanna capture Robin

Just replace those agents with CP0 and you have the exact same situation we have now on Onigashima. But this time they might get the real Robin.

CP0 lurking through the Mary

Rob Lucci giving the order to capture Robin

But more importantly, we also got a follow-up to the fake Robin abduction.

The Revolutionaries got info about Robin possibly being kidnapped

From this you can tell the whole fake Robin getting kidnapped was more than just comedy or why else would Oda follow up on it +100 chapters later? Here we see that the Revolutionaries know if something happens to Robin. Someone is leaking the info to the Revolutionaries. So Oda has set up a way for the revs to know if something happens to Robin, so they can go help Robin in case she does get abducted.

Nekomamushi telling her she is a target

This one is obvious. Oda wouln’t have him say that if nothing is gonna happen in the end.

Big Mom saying she wants Robin alive

I personally think this might lead into CP0 and Big Mom Pirates fighting each other over Robin.

Black Maria saying how everyone is after Robin

And she keeps mentioning the big shots who want her…

And last but not least.

Robin is the “key”, the 4 Road Poneglyphs probably the lock

*by RipleyNo8

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