12 Characters Who Know The Secrets Of The Void Century




Not long before his death, Roger met with Whitebeard on an island to have what seemed to be an entirely cordial drinking session, with Roger even offering to give the location of Laugh Tale to Whitebeard, and when Whitebeard asked Roger about the Will of D., Roger willingly told him about it.
Moments before his death, Whitebeard mentions the world turning upside down because of the revelation that finding the One Piece will bring, implying that he, indeed, knows about the Void Century and the D.



Shanks is the youngest of the Yonko and his crew is the most well-balanced and impenetrable crew among the four Yonko crews!
Shanks is currently the most capable person who could find the One Piece. He’s a former member of the Roger Pirates and knows the truths about the Void Century, the meaning of D., and the Ancient Weapons, although he has not been at Laugh Tale.



Rocks D. Xebec was the captain of the Rocks Pirates, the legendary crew that ruled the seas before the rise of Gol D. Roger and his crew.
Xebec was considered to be the most formidable rival of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, even more so than his then-subordinate Whitebeard would come to be. He was so fearsome, it took both Roger and Monkey D. Garp working together to finally defeat him. Rocks’ defeat was also what caused Garp to become a legend and to be known as the “Hero of the Marines”, showing how much of a threat the World Government considered Rocks to be.
Aside from raw strength, Rocks seemed to be a very intelligent and knowledgeable man, as he was, in studying many subjects that were considered taboo, able to unravel many of the World Government’s secrets, which led the Government to decide to erase his name from history.



The Five Elders are a group of the highest-ranking Celestial Dragons that make up the head of state for the World Government. They essentially hold the greatest authority over the entirety of the world; the only exception being the mysterious sovereign Im whom they answer to.
Their influence over the World Government and its military is paramount and limitless, including command over the Marines, Cipher Pol, and even the Seven Warlords of the Sea prior to their abolishment, making them one of the main antagonistic groups of the series.
So far, none of their names have been revealed and it is unknown how they became the leaders of the World Government or how long they have been ruling it.
Since they’re the uppermost power in the Government, they certainly know of the war that took place 900 years ago in the world of One Piece. They’ve tried to bury the truth about the history time and again, implying that they’re trying their to hide the atrocities they might have committed. During the destruction of Ohara, the Gorosei ordered the execution of Professor Clover since he ‘knew too much’.


Im is an individual bearing the highest sovereignty within the World Government, whom even the Five Elders bow down to, and the current holder of the Empty Throne. However, Im’s existence is kept a secret within the government and to rest of the world.
Undoubtedly, Im knows the true history.


Joy Boy was an extremely relevant figure of the Void Century who played an important role in the history of Fish-Man Island and left behind a certain item of unimaginable value in the last island of the Grand Line. He was first mentioned on the Ryugu Poneglyph read by Nico Robin while at the Sea Forest. Gol D. Roger declared that he wished the two could have lived during the same period upon learning the true history on Laugh Tale.
When the “appointed time” comes, Joy Boy is expected to appear again. The true meaning of this expectation remains unknown.

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